Kestrel Mead response to COVID-19

At Kestrel Mead we are proud of the offer that we gave to our local community during this global pandemic. Please see ‘Correspondence with Parents’ to understand the offer that we held during the national and local lockdown in Spring/Summer of 2020. As schools have returned, we have outlined our responsibility to ensuring that all pupils have access to our blended and remote learning to meet the challenges that undoubtedly lie ahead.

Remote Learning Curriculum Continuity – January 2021 Curriculum continuity during whole school lockdown  outlines the schools offer if your child has to isolate or shield, or if a class bubble needs to close. In the unlikely event of a school closure, this is also outlined with regards to everyone’s commitment to ensure children keep learning.

Kestrel Mead Recovery Curriculum outlines the schools response to ensuring all pupils have the ability to MAP their prior learning, MASTER any learning that was completed during the remote learning period and MOVE FORWARD with their learning to fulfill their potential. This is down using our 5 levers. Read this document to find out more

[VERSION 10A] outlines how we are keeping children, parents and staff safe in our provision for children of Key/Critical workers and vulnerable children.

V10A tmet Co-vid 19 Schools RA – 16.1.21 KWV only

Class Dojo is an essential part of being in the Kestrel Mead community that you as parents are signed up to this platform and checking it regularly.

Want  to connect to Class Dojo? Follow this link: How to join Class Dojo

Want to upload work to your child’s Dojo profile? See the video below


Want to connect your child to their virtual learning on TEAMs? Follow this link: How to access Microsoft Teams for remote learning

If Microsoft Teams is required, you will be sent further details on how to access it. Most pupils were taught in this manner during the Spring/Summer lockdown, please use the same log on details if you should be required to use this.


Food Parcels

We are pleased to tell you that we will be able to offer food parcels to those families who are receiving free school meals.  These will be available if the family is self-isolating due to COVID symptoms or if the child’s class bubble has to close due to a positive COVID case. Please read the document below for further information.

Food Parcels



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