Kestrel Mead response to COVID-19

After a turbulent 2 years, we are proud of the collaborative approach we have had with our community to ensure that all children at Kestrel Mead accessed high quality education and wider family care.

Whilst school has now returned, COVID is still having an impact on attendance and measures that we have in place at school.

If you, or your family, are feeling the impact of COVID financially or emotionally Alison Moss our Family Support Worker is here for a conversation. Please drop her a message on Class Dojo or call the office to arrange a call back.

For those of you reading this who are interested in finding out more about our offer in lockdown 2020 and lockdown 2021 as well as our blended offer whilst bubbles were in place, we have some key documents below;

Kestrel Mead Recovery Curriculum  outlines the schools response to ensuring all pupils have the ability to MAP their prior learning, MASTER any learning that was completed during the remote learning period and MOVE FORWARD with their learning to fulfill their potential. This is down using our 5 levers. Read this document to find out more

Kestrel Mead Recovery Phase 2 Curriculum

Remote learning – curriculum continuity

Remote Learning Curriculum Continuity

Kestrel Reconnection curriculum

Staff wellbeing focus – protective and risk factors for staff during this unprecedented time.

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