At Kestrel Mead, the music curriculum is enriched with use of instruments and singing. Children showcase their learning within weekly assemblies. Choir club is offered and these children also sing at Young Voices.

The music curriculum helps children to build their confidence and voice skills by singing, playing instruments and performing as part of a group. Children will develop a musical and creative flare. Music is featured in our Friday Flair groups on a Friday afternoon, where children have the opportunity to take part in singing and musical theatre groups in order to further develop their confidence. Children are also given opportunities to confidently perform as part of a variety of Christmas celebrations and community events.

At Kestrel Mead we use Charanga to support our music teaching, this is a music scheme with lots of visual aids and interactive resources to support children’s learning about music. The Scheme supports all the requirements of the National Curriculum.  The learning within this scheme is based on: Listening and Appraising; Musical Activities – creating and exploring; and Singing and Performing. Music lessons across the school are delivered by HLTAs from Reception to 6. In addition to this, Year 3 children also have whole class music lessons by a specialist teacher where they learn to play Steel Pans. Children who attend Choir club in Key Stage 2 also have the opportunity to attend Young Voices in Birmingham, where children will share the songs they have practised in a live concert.  Parents are invited into school and children also visit community housing and the local church to celebrate cultural events. Children have weekly singing time to learn songs related to seasons, important festivals and empowering their character behaviours and expressing their confident voices which are showcased at weekly assemblies.

Further enrichment activities take place throughout the year which involves the choir and Djembe drumming for year 3.

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