Modern Languages

At Kestrel Mead, we have chosen to teach French as our KS2 Modern Foreign Language.

Our language curriculum develops character by exposing children to different culture, celebrations and experiences. Resilience and Curiosity are predominantly developed through languages; therefore, children are taught using a range of practical lessons allowing them to develop their speaking and listening skills.

The Language curriculum creates positive contribution by enhancing children’s outlook on learning and perception of the world. It allows children to be welcoming and inclusive within our school and community. The curriculum provides children with knowledge and skills through acquisition of new vocabulary in order to be inspired to continue to further develop a love of language in future education.

The French Language is taught once a week for approximately 40 minutes by a HLTA in school. The scheme the school follows is called Lightbulb Languages and is adapted to meet the needs of the children. It is taught through songs, games and interactive activities. Children are taught through speaking and listening which also introduces reading and writing in a different language.

As a school, we also use Makaton in their lessons and through the discussions around ASD awareness week.

At Kestrel Mead, we value language. All KS2 year groups have access to the French language curriculum. KS1 are exposed to languages through their own learning experiences. The language champion supports the HLTAs who deliver the lessons with resources, suggestions for adapting the scheme of work and professional development opportunities.

Subject Policies/Plans

Subject Champion/s

Miss S James


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