The PSCHE curriculum taught at Kestrel Mead is broad, relevant and enriched by promoting the spiritual, moral, social, cultural, mental and physical development of our children. Each session is based around the child’s own experiences, thoughts and feelings.

The PSCHE curriculum embodies our school ethos of nurturing children’s development as compassionate, respectful and resilient human beings. Examples of this can be found throughout the sessions, in particular, with reference to the Learning Charter.

Our curriculum prepares our children for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. Examples of this include units on looking ahead to secondary school and preparing children for difficult life experiences such as loss. The curriculum also promotes British Values, which prepares our children positively for life in modern Britain.

At Kestrel Mead PSCHE is taught through the Jigsaw programme, the mindful approach to PSCHE. It has a whole school approach. It is taught by teachers, with one discrete lesson a week.

Each school year, we will solve 6 Puzzles:

Being Me in My World

Celebrating Differences

Dreams and Goals

Healthy Me


Changing Me

Each ‘puzzle piece’ starts with an introductory assembly, generating a whole school focus for adults and children alike. Lessons follow the same structure each week starting with a warm up game, followed by some meditation before a class discussion and then an activity based on the discussion that has taken place. Each class has their own Jigsaw friend and children who have demonstrated the values looked at are rewarded with badges during a celebration assembly at the end of each unit. Each Puzzle has 6 lessons, including an assessment opportunity and an end goal or outcome.

In addition to Jigsaw, PSCHE is taught through other areas of the school’s curriculum e.g. RE, assemblies, circle time and science.

There are additional themed weeks throughout the school year, including: Anti-bullying week, children’s mental health week. The adapted jigsaw program supports the RSE policy.

Subject Champion/s

Mrs T Pickering, Mrs C Irons and Mrs L Bale


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