The Art curriculum offers a broad and enriched curriculum including promoting the skills of drawing, collaging, painting and printing linked to big questions. Art is enriched with opportunities to use a variety of resources and apply what they have learnt through journaling and making their own decisions.

The Art curriculum allows children to show their resilience as they continue to develop and practise different skills over time to improve on. Curiosity can also be shown through the creativity of the children’s ideas from the skills that have been taught.

The Art curriculum encourages children to express themselves and develop confidence and unique styles. This allows children to begin to develop their artistic flare to develop in their future careers. Children create art during cultural celebrations to contribute to school events and the community.

The Art curriculum will allow children to have a good subject knowledge about a variety of artists as well as building on different techniques and skills to allow progression over time throughout the different year groups.

From Reception to Year 1, art is teacher-led to allow children to understand the process of the skill shown which is then added to their learning environment for self-access. From Year 2 to Year 6, particular skills are modelled and taught by the teacher. Children are given time to practice and refine these skills and techniques in their ideas books. Children will have further opportunities to develop these skills, add their own flare and make their work unique through journaling their key learning of the whole big question at the end of each 6 week period.  Children will have access to a wide range of resources to allow them independence, promote trial and error techniques and allow individual children’s style and passion to shine through. The love of art is promoted during art week. Each year group is given a specific artist where the children are able to explore the art work produced by the artists and the techniques they have used. They then practise and apply these skills to build towards their final art work. Teachers plan using a knowledge organiser, which shows key skills to be taught and may provide opportunities for awe, wonder and reciprocity. This will promote engagement and excitement for the children. They will be able to gain first-hand experience and apply these skills learnt confidently.

Subject Policies/Plans

Subject Champion/s

Miss J Gohil and Miss S Charles