There is a school uniform which is worn throughout the school. All children at Kestrel Mead are expected to wear the school uniform. School uniform, including book bags, can be purchased from myclothing.com and will be delivered to your home. School uniform is an important part of a child’s school life as it:

• Gives the children a sense of belonging and being part of the school
• The risk of bullying regarding a pupils clothing is significantly reduced
• When attending school outings, children can easily be identified as belonging to Kestrel Mead
• It prepares children for secondary school
• Book bags support children’s reading progress and links with home/school

Please see the document below for a visual and description of the uniform expectations at Kestrel Mead.

School Uniform


  • Red sweatshirt/cardigan – plain or with the Kestrel logo (available here)
  • White shirt/blouse/polo shirt
  • Grey or Black trousers/shorts (Black jeans are not acceptable)
  • Black or Grey skirts/pinafore dresses or Red and White check dresses
  • Footwear must be entirely
    black, if there is branding it
    must be invisible. Children may
    wear a formal shoe, a boot or a
  • Red, white, black or grey socks and tights
  • Red, white, black or grey religious clothing
  • Red book bag – Kestrel Mead book bags available on link above


Children at the infants will need a bookbag to carry their book to and from school everyday. They will
need to carry a water bottle. They will also bring a labelled lunchbox if they are packed lunches. They
will not need to bring anything else to school. Those that need an extra change of clothes for accidents,
will be encouraged to leave this change of clothes on their peg.

Please do not bring school bags other than a bag for the change of clothes.

Children at the juniors have to put their belongings in a small locker. This locker must contain their winter coat, a small bag and shut easily. They are on a magnet opening system and will pop open if too full and the contents will spew out onto the corridor floor causing trip hazards to others.

Children will only be carrying their lunchbox (if not hot dinners), a water bottle and reading book. They will not need to bring anything else to school. Some children have a ‘standard rucksack’ and they are MUCH too big for the locker. The bag size must either be a drawstring bag or a bag NO BIGGER than a drawstring bag.

If the bag is causing a health and safety hazard you will be asked to replace it.


No jewellery should be worn at school except for a medic-alert tags, a simple watch and/or stud earrings. No jewellery should be worn during P.E. or swimming lessons, except for a medic-alert tags.


We request that your child has a waterproof coat with them in school on any day when it may be required.


To be worn on all PE days

All PE items must have invisible or indiscreet branding only.

  • Hooded red top with or without Kestrel Mead logo (available here)
  • White T-shirt
  • Black jogging bottoms/leggings/shorts
  • Black trainers


Targeted junior year groups go swimming on a Tuesday/Thursday afternoon. Class teachers will make you aware if you are in a targeted year group.

Appropriate swimwear must be worn. Kit must include a towel and a bag.

Jewellery must be removed prior to swimming lessons.

Children may wear goggles, but a permission letter must have been received prior to the lesson.

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