At Kestrel Mead Primary Academy we work in partnership with our parents to improve outcomes for all our children.

Throughout a family’s time at Kestrel Mead they may require further support.  We place great importance on supporting our pupils by listening, promoting character behaviours, teaching coping strategies and building strong working relationships with the children.

We have a Family Support Worker- Alison Moss who is available from 8:30-2 every day.  She can provide a wide range of support for children and their families; this includes support with well-being, anxiety and anger management support.  Our children are also benefitting from time with Alison building their confidence in new situations, coping with transition into school or on to secondary school.  Alison can be contacted through the school office and also on Class DoJo.

We are here to support our pupils but also to work closely with our families to ensure that they have access to support networks where necessary.

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