Community Events

As a school, we pride ourselves on the partnerships that we have built with our community. We recognise how vital it is to build relationships with our families and know how much we can achieve by working together. A large part of these partnerships have been our community events. These events have sadly been reduced to virtual events over the past two years as our community continues to adapt to life in a global pandemic.

We aspire for these events to return in full as soon as COVID risk assessments allow with some new additions. In the future, our Diwali celebration evening will be joined by an Eid afternoon tea at the end of Ramadan. School discos, Christmas and Summer Fairs will also return as soon as we are able.

Over recent years we have introduced a group of parents and carers who are passionate about raising much needed funds for the school. This group is called ‘Friends of Kestrel Mead’ and they work with us to arrange events such as school fairs, Diwali celebrations and school discos! Please see the document below which includes the events organised in the past, totals raised and how this money has been spent. As we look ahead, we would like to invite parents to volunteer for one or many of the events and join together with staff to run these highly valued community events. We know family life is busy and hope that by introducing volunteers for a smaller number of events we will be able to grow our Friends of Kestrel Mead.

Friends of Kestrel Mead – Dates

A huge thank you to everyone who has either organised, supported or attended these events. 😊 We hope you will join us again to continue these wonderful traditions.

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