If your child’s birthday falls between 1st September 2018 – 31st August 2019, they will be eligible for a nursery place in September 2022. Please read our Nursery Admissions Process for more information. PLEASE SEND A COPY OF YOUR CHILD’S BIRTH CERTIFICATE AND PROOF OF ADDRESS TO [email protected] AFTER COMPLETING THE APPLICATION FORM. The application form sits within the Nursery Admission School Process link below (in section 4). Please ensure you read the document.

Nursery Admission School Process

Our admissions for Reception to Year 6 are made through Leicester City Council.
To apply for a place for your child in any of these year groups, please visit the Leicester City Council website at:

Leicester City Council School Admissions

TMET Admissions Policy_2021 onwards_KeMPA



If you are looking to make an admission appeal, please use the link below which will provide you with further information. You can appeal for a place at any community school where you have applied and been refused a place.


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