At Kestrel Mead we issue children in Reception to Year 6 every 6 weeks. (See example below). We encourage children to select activities from the document to complete at home, alongside their adults. These are enhancements to the curriculum offer in school. Homework is shared through Class Dojo and bringing examples into school to share with the class teacher.

We also provide weekly spellings for pupils to learn. Year 2-6 have 10 words per week and can practice this through spelling shed based on the end of year spelling expectations. Year 1 have personalised lists linked to their phonics programme. Reception receive weekly high frequency words. Confidence in spelling high frequency words are encouraged and incentivised, this year they will be rewarded on acquisition of these based on the chart attached.

Year 2 – 6 are expected to access times table rockstars 3 times per week on garage. They will be rewarded with certificates for progress within the game. Coming this year….. inter year group competitions with trophies!!

Year 6 are provided with Chrome books to take home for the year to facilitate the expectation of completing a maths, grammar and reading activity each week on atom learning, this is an AI platform that provides personalised challenges for children and prepares them for SATs.

Reading is the most important thing parents can do with children and we heavily invest in this at Kestrel Mead through rich, quality texts.  In the infant school the expectation is that children take home 2 reading books. They will take home a phonetically decodable book weekly as well as a PM benchmarked book. We also provide a reading for pleasure book from our library for parents to read aloud to the children. The incentives in Infants are based around STAR reader rewards (attached).

Once children (year 2 upwards) are able to access AR, the expectation is reading at home to allow them to quiz weekly to develop their comprehension and reading ability. This is rewarded as shown below. If any children in the Juniors are unable to access AR, they have a personalised STAR reader incentive programme that links to the number of books read in a half term.

Speak to your child’s class teacher during open door time at the start of the day if you are unsure about how to help your child at home.

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