Staff wellbeing at Kestrel Mead

  • We want our staff to be physically and mentally well so that they can enjoy their job and perform to the best of their ability.
  • We are mindful of workload and will not add tasks, procedures or policies that do improve teaching and learning or professional development. Discussion around introducing new initiatives or policies is welcomed and listened to.
  • We carefully plan the 1265 directed hours so that time is given to all necessary tasks and duties.
  • Collaboration and teamwork are a strong feature of our school. Staff work together well, support each other, and respect each other.
  • In addition to questionnaires from the Trust, we send our own personalised school-level questionnaires. We will respond to feedback wherever possible.
  • Distributed leadership ensures that roles and responsibilities and shared and personal preferences and expertise are considered.
  • We have set up clear communication strategies. Weekly staff bulletins and staff briefings reduce the amount of all staff emails that can cause cognitive overload.
  • We give staff a voice in decision-making. We seek out ways in which the voice of staff is included in the decision-making process across the school. Workload inquiry groups were an example of how staff voice drove change.
  • We actively tackle mental health stigma within the organisation, promoting an open and understanding culture among staff, parents, and children.
  • We give the same consideration and support to mental health as physical health, including in the management of staff absence.
  • Hold ourselves accountable for staff well-being. The principal holds termly face to face meetings with staff as well as check ins and pulse polls to gain an understanding of staff well-being.
  • Leaders look for ways to support staff in their career progression with CPD offers, termly conversations with the principal, and a thorough ECT programme.

More information about staff wellbeing can be found in our staff handbook.