Our curriculum is taught in two parts: discrete and interleaved. The discrete element of the curriculum consists of English, Maths, Science, Computing, French, Religious Education, PHSE and Music, with French, Computing, Music and PHSE being taught by expert cover teachers, who have a clear understanding of the progression of knowledge and skills across school.

The interleaved element of the curriculum forms our Sticky Curriculum and combines the teaching of either history or geography with art and/or DT, and IT in each topic. Each topic has been assigned a ‘big question’ in order to maximise curiosity and exploration and sticky concepts have been linked to this question.

So what is interleaved learning? This is where concepts connected to the topic are revisited across each year group. By revisiting the concepts rather than the topics, we are able to embed knowledge and create connections with prior understanding, therefore making the learning sticky. In addition to this, the sticky words allow children to understand the importance of their learning in terms of their lives today and understand the moral aspects of this knowledge alongside the technical vocabulary that is required to fully understand the subject taught.

The moral concepts are based around five key areas, which underpin our school values. These are: British Values; Developing Character; Citizenship; Critical Thinking and Equality- UN Goals.

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