The design and technology curriculum offers all children to have opportunity to design and evaluate their projects in the following areas; cooking, textiles and construction, mechanics and electronics.  

Each year group will have opportunities to cook and develop an understanding of leading a healthy lifestyle. Textiles and construction, mechanics and electronics feature in several year groups to ensure coverage of the curriculum and progression of skills. Children have opportunities to plan, develop, trial and change their ideas before producing their final product.  

The D&T curriculum will allow children to develop their resilience and curiosity by designing and creating products using specific skills. Skills and knowledge is carefully planned to show progression throughout the school. It will allow children to become creative problem solvers as individuals and as a team. In addition to this, the curriculum offers children creative and practical opportunities to perform everyday tasks confidently in order to participate successfully in an increasingly technological world and develop transferable skills required for jobs of the future. 

The D&T curriculum will allow children to develop their prior skills and knowledge and learn new skills to create new products. The progression over the year groups will allow children to expand and experiment with their own creative ideas.  

Design and Technology is taught through our Sticky Curriculum and features in every year group. Enrichment days offer a full day of DT learning to allow time to master skills and ensure progression. Each big question will have either an Art or DT focus.  Children’s learning opportunities will be showcased in their memorable learning journals where children can record what they have learnt and remembered and what they might change next time. Their learning may also be evidenced on Seesaw.  

Subject Plans

DT Development Plan


Trips and Enrichments

Subject Champion/s
Miss S Hart and Mrs S Prajapati

Subject Leader/s
Miss S Hart