At Kestrel Mead, we have ensured that our geography curriculum is broad, and relevant and enriched by connecting key topics and objectives to the big question in our sticky curriculum; linking Geography to children’s own lives within lessons. 

The knowledge and skills entailed in Geography are derived from the National Curriculum and are carefully mapped out over each year group allowing for knowledge and skills to be built up as children move throughout the school and to think critically and develop a more rigorous understanding of the world around them. Through the teaching of Geography, pupils are equipped with the knowledge of their local world and beyond and look at the natural and human geography of those places. Each year group will carry out fieldwork to develop their understanding of Geography and support the development of knowledge, enquiry and research skills. 

The Geography curriculum strengthens and develops character by allowing children to become curious about the world around them. By developing a sound understanding of the world, we will allow children to develop both compassion and respect for our planet. The Geography curriculum allows positive contribution by allowing children to engage in the local areas. The Geography curriculum allows children to be knowledgeable, skilled and ready by actively engaging in activities. 

We will equip our children with a wide skill set including map reading and compass skills and use these skills practically during trips, local walks around our neighbourhood and within the classroom. 

The sticky curriculum is taught explicitly in a weekly timetabled for one and a half sessions each week, over a 6 or 7-week period led by teachers. The Geography curriculum strengthens and develops character by allowing children to be curious, compassionate, resilient and respectful. Children demonstrate their understanding through floor books (in EYFS and Year 1) and individual journaling in (Years 2 – 6) where children choose how to express their knowledge learnt over the 6-week period. Throughout the topic the children record and add their learning to their Seesaw journal. Other examples of Geography, such as trips and enrichments can be seen on Class Dojo feeds, on Seesaw and in our trips and enrichment section below. 


Trips and Enrichments

Subject Champion/s
Miss  R Alimahomed & Mr  T Lorgat

Subject Leader/s
Mr T Lorgat