At Kestrel Mead Primary Academy, the music learning journey is in line with the Leicestershire Music Scheme. We follow the scheme to cover the six main units of learning: pitch, pulse, rhythm, voice, 20th century music and music structure and technology.  

The units are covered throughout a pupil’s time at Kestrel Mead. Each year group focuses on 3 of these units throughout the year – one per term. The music curriculum is led by HLTAs. The curriculum allows children to build an interest in the variety of music types and show love and passion for music. These lessons are recorded and assessed through the use of Seesaw, the children recording their musical compositions and performances and later evaluating them with their peers and teacher. 

The school also offers many musical enhancements and opportunities, including the opportunity to be involved in the Young Voices Choir, the year 2 and year 6 end of year performance and drumming with a trained instrumentalist.  

Subject Plans

Music Development Plan


Trips and Enrichments

Subject Champion/s
Kissander Campbell

Subject Leader/s
Mr T Lorgat