The RE curriculum covers the key faiths of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism reflecting our local community and religious backgrounds. Sessions are linked to key questions that provoke thoughtful discussions and encourage children to explore different views and beliefs.
The RE curriculum promotes our four character behaviours in many ways including thoughtful discussions, exploring different religious explanations/stories and making positive links between them. It allows children to share their own experiences and learn more about others, learning how all religions have a place in the world we live in.
Through wider school life, children celebrate key religious festivals together. They learn about the importance and origins of the festival and celebrate with their family, friends and the local community. This can be seen through our Diwali Party, Christmas Fayre and celebration assemblies.
The RE curriculum ensures that all children have a good knowledge and understanding of 4 key religions. They are able to make links between these, appreciating their own and others beliefs both in school and the wider community. We acknowledge that not all children have a faith and that the views and opinions of atheists hold equal value. We equip children with the skills they will need to challenge inequality, racial bias and stereotypes as well as champion equity for all.
Each Year group is taught three big questions over the course of the year. Year 2 to 6 have 1- or 2-hour sessions per week. Year 1 take part in short carpet sessions and apply their learning through focus activities that are set out in continuous provision. In EYFS, children are exposed to many religious celebrations and cultural events. They are supported in exploring such events in their play making sense of them through role-play, stories and creative play. Such exposure allows children the opportunity to make sense of the world around them and recognise the many similarities and values that underpin different communities.
Over the year, religious festivals are celebrated through celebration sharing, assemblies and community events. These include Diwali, Eid, Vaisakhi, Easter and Christmas.

Subject Policies/Plans

Subject Champion/s

Mrs L Longman and Miss N Bhima