At Kestrel Mead, we believe that science is a subject which allows us to become explorers, investigators and inventors. Our science curriculum is broad, relevant and enriched. We use an enquiry-based curriculum, which incorporates the five main enquiry types: pattern seeking; observing over time; research using secondary resources; identifying and classifying and comparative and fair testing. Each classroom displays a science superhero assigned to each enquiry type and these are referred to throughout lessons. The enquiry-based approach is adopted across all year groups and children apply their Working Scientifically objectives throughout this approach.

Although the science curriculum is taught independently of our sticky curriculum, topics have been aligned to create further links where possible. We acknowledge that by creating links throughout the curriculum, we develop a true understanding of the world around us.

Each lesson begins with a Question for Learning, which develops curiosity as well as providing a focus for the lesson. Lessons are taught as practically as possible, which not only furthers curiosity but also develops resilience and aids understanding by allowing children to learn in a collaborative, experiential way. Lessons are recorded in our class floor books for the majority of lessons, however some independent work is also recorded in science books. Class discussions are always encouraged during our science lessons allowing children to ask questions and develop their curiosity throughout the topic.

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
What are the four seasons? How can I use everyday materials to survive? What do I need to survive? How can a change in environment cause problems? How do we experience day and night? Can all living things be classified?
How am I similar to other animals in the world? How do animals survive together? Why do some materials attract and others repel? What happens to the food we eat? How do forces affect us? Can animals adapt to survive the changing world?
Can I describe all the plants around me? How can I grow into the best version of me? How vital are bees for the survival of plants? Can electricity actually run? What happens to our bodies as we grow? Do we need light to see?
How can everyday materials be grouped? How can we help plants to grow? What is the difference between light and dark? Why do we have different sounds? Are all actions reversible? How does a light switch work?
Why do we have different types of rocks? What effect does temperature have on the world around us? What is a life cycle? Why do our hearts need to beat?

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