At Kestrel Mead all children with English as an Additional Language (EAL) are taught in an inclusive and stimulating environment. Class teachers use a range of strategies to ensure children with EAL are able to access the learning and curriculum whether they are advanced bilingual or new to English. The children will be able to socialise and interact with their peers who speak English fluently which will allow them to learn the language quickly.

At Kestrel Mead Academy we strive to provide good, inclusive quality first teaching for all our pupils. All EAL pupils are therefore encouraged to play as full a part as possible in whole class teaching for them to have genuine access to our creative curriculum. As part of this quality first teaching, we aim to employ a range of teaching strategies that encourage pupil talk and collaborative working, and wherever possible provide opportunities for EAL pupils to use their home language to support their learning in the classroom.

We recognise that some of our EAL pupils will have distinct and additional needs that cannot be met solely through whole class teaching. Therefore, we also provide differentiated teaching at individual and/or small group level to supplement their learning and allow them to achieve their full potential.

The progress and attainment of all EAL learners is closely monitored by the class teacher to ensure they are fulfilling their full capabilities. The child’s speaking and listening skills are assessed using the NASSEA Framework.

At Kestrel Mead Academy we believe that clear and purposeful assessment of pupils’ with EAL language levels is essential to inform planning and target setting. Statutory requirements for assessing pupils with EAL are the same for pupils with English as a first language (Communication & Language and Literacy assessment in the EYFS /National Curriculum English attainment levels). In addition, all of our pupils identified with EAL are assessed termly in Speaking and Listening using the NASSEA framework. This enables school to systematically track their progress and to identify those pupils who require more support and act accordingly.

All teaching staff are expected to complete an initial language assessment in order to determine a child’s current level of English on admission to school. Informal methods of assessment (observation, discussions with parents, self-evaluation) are also in place in classrooms to ensure the needs of all our EAL pupils are being met at all times.

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